Beyond TV

Beyond TV has a number of different uses.
We currently have Beyond TV installed on a Dell desktop, with 2x Hauppauge MCE 500 dual tuner cards allowing us to record 4 shows at once.

1) we can record four shows at once.
2) we can only record analog 2-99 at this time so we are required to be on charter for now.
3) sorts the recordings into folders Her's, Mine and Ours for later viewing
4) tries its best to highlight the commercials for quick one-button skipping.

1) 2 years ago we picked up an RCA rear projection TV with DVI input.  The TV is essentiall our PC's monitor
2) we also have a desktop in a second room on the LAN with Beyond TV link so we can steam shows from the media server into that room.  That PC is connected via VGA to a Flat screen on the wall
3) Beyond TV now has streaming right from the media server - but it requires ports opened in your firewall.
4) We now use ORB.  Using orb we can stream recorded programs at a varying bit rate to our phones with unlimited data package or any pc on the internet.